Goods-In-Transit Insurance


Goods-In-Transit Insurance

Plum Insurance Brokers offer a Goods-In-Transit insurance policy, which provides coverage for the loss of or damage to insured goods resulting from accidents, theft, collisions, fires, or overturning during transit by road, air, rail, and inland motorways. The premium is calculated using a formula: the estimated monthly carriage of goods multiplied by 12 months. This insurance category is designed to provide indemnity for property, whether owned by the insured or for which they bear legal responsibility, against accidents, theft, collisions, overturning, or fires involving the conveying vehicle(s).

PROTECTION AGAINST FINANCIAL LOSS Goods-In-Transit insurance provides financial protection in the event of damage, theft, or loss of goods during transportation. Without this coverage, businesses could face significant financial losses, which can be especially detrimental for small or medium-sized enterprises.

MAINTAINING CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE Businesses that transport goods for customers rely on their reputation for reliability. Having Goods-In-Transit insurance demonstrates a commitment to delivering goods safely and intact, which can boost customer confidence and trust.

CUSTOMIZABLE POLICIES Goods-In-Transit insurance can be tailored to the unique needs of the business. Policies can be customized to cover specific types of goods, their value, and the frequency of shipments.


Goods in Transit Insurance

Plum Insurance Brokers offer essential insurance solutions that play a pivotal role in safeguarding businesses from the potential financial repercussions of unpredictable events. Their Goods-In-Transit insurance policy ensures that goods in transit are adequately protected, while their Industrial All Risks Insurance extends comprehensive coverage for property damage and business disruptions, thus helping businesses navigate unexpected challenges with greater confidence and resilience.