Ms. Tolulope Otusanya

Account Officer

Ms Tolulope Otusanya, serving as an Account Officer at Plum Insurance Brokers Limited, is a highly skilled accounting professional with a promising academic background and extensive industry experience. Her qualifications and commitment to her field make her a valuable asset to the organization. Miss Otusanya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the National Open University of Nigeria. In addition to her academic achievements, she is a proud member of the Accounting Technicians Scheme of West Africa (ATSWA) and is actively pursuing her qualification as an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). With more than six years of hands-on experience in the accounting field, Miss Tolulope has demonstrated her proficiency and dedication. She has previously contributed her expertise as a temporary Account Officer at Equitable Health Access Initiative and as an Accountant at the Financial Service Management Ministry (FSMM). Miss Otusanya's career journey, characterized by her academic pursuit and practical experience, reflects her unwavering commitment to the field of accounting. In her role as an Account Officer at Plum Insurance Brokers Limited, she leverages her comprehensive knowledge and expertise to ensure sound financial management and reporting, contributing to the organization's continued success.